Protection Insurance for Sports Professionals

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Protection Insurance for Sports Professionals

As a sports professional, your earnings rely heavily on your physical ability to compete. Whether you’re a rugby player, footballer, golfer, tennis player, or involved in another sport, an injury or illness can significantly disrupt your income and career. This is where specialised protection insurance becomes vital, offering financial security and peace of mind.

There are various types of protection insurances available for sports professionals. Here we explore them in more detail.

Life Insurance for Sports Professionals

Life insurance is designed to provide financial security for your loved ones when you die, by paying out a tax-free lump sum, for a predetermined value of your choice. Standard life insurance rates are usually quoted for individuals in regular professions and in good health.

However, for those in high-risk occupations, such as professional athletes in contact or high-speed sports, insurers often apply premium loadings to account for the increased risk. Below we look at how and why premiums may be loaded for sports professionals

Contact Sports e.g.Professional Rugby Players and American Footballers: Training and Physical Condition: These athletes undergo rigorous training to build muscle and cope with the physical demands of their sports.Body Mass Index (BMI): Due to muscle gain, these athletes often exceed standard BMI limits. BMI is a significant factor in life insurance underwriting, with higher BMIs potentially leading to increased premiums. Risk of Injury: The nature of contact sports involves frequent collisions, leading to a higher risk of injury or long-term health issues. High-Speed Sports e.g. Professional Motorsport Athletes:

High-Speed Impact Risk: Motorsport involves continuous high-speed activity, posing a significant danger of severe injury or death from crashes.

Specialised Underwriting: Insurers use specialist underwriters to assess the specific risks associated with high-speed sports. This detailed risk assessment often results in higher premiums to cover the potential for catastrophic events.

In short, when it comes to life insurance as a sports professional, you may attract premium loadings to compensate for the increased likelihood of a claim. It’s crucial to accurately disclose you occupation and any associated risks to avoid policy disputes or claim denials. Read more about life insurance here.

Critical Illness for Sports Professionals

Critical Illness Cover provides you with a financial lump sum in the event of being diagnosed with a critical illness. It can help to provide a financial cushion to enable you to focus on recovery rather than worry about your finances.

Professional sports are often associated with specific injury types and not extensively covered under standard policy terms so it’s important to read you insurance documents carefully. Find out more about Critical Illness policies here.

Income Protection for Sports Professionals (Temporary Total Disablement)

Income protection for sports professionals is designed to replace your earnings when you’re unable to compete due to injury or illness. This insurance is crucial for athletes whose income depends on their ability to participate in matches or tournaments.

Without this type of protection, a sudden injury or illness could leave you without the means to support yourself and your family, creating financial stress in addition to physical and emotional challenges.

What are the key features of Income Protection for Sports Professionals?

Weekly or Monthly Payouts for an Agreed Period

Unlike Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection isn’t paid as a lump sum. It is instead paid as an ongoing replacement for your income for the length of your policy term. These regular payments provide a stable income stream while you recover.

Payments Based on Your After-Tax Earnings

Payments are based on your after- tax earnings. This ensures that the compensation you receive is reflective of your actual take-home pay, making it easier to manage your usual expenses.

Coverage for a Wide Range of Sports Income Protection for Sports Professionals can cover high-risk activities like rugby, boxing, and martial arts, ensuring that athletes in more dangerous sports are not left without protection.

What is Career-Ending Insurance (Permanent Total Disablement) for Sports Professionals?

In addition to temporary cover, career-ending insurance provides a tax-free lump sum if an injury or illness prematurely ends your sporting career. This type of policy usually includes: • A Cash Payout: this substantial sum can help you transition to a new phase of life without the immediate pressure of finding a new source of income. • Optional Accidental Death Cover: This ensures financial protection for your family, offering peace of mind that they will be supported in the event of a tragic accident. • Support for Mental Health Issues: Access to specialist counsellors can help you cope with the psychological impact of a career-ending injury, which is often as challenging as the physical aspects. • Funds for Retraining: Helping you transition to a new career, these funds can be used for education or vocational training, enabling you to build a new professional path.

Sports Health Insurance

Alongside income protection, sports health insurance covers the costs of private medical treatments for sports-related injuries. This is particularly valuable for both amateur and professional athletes, as it helps manage the financial impact of injuries that may require urgent treatment or extended recovery periods. Quick access to high-quality medical care can significantly improve recovery times and outcomes, allowing athletes to return to their sport sooner and reducing the overall impact on their career.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Policy

The insurance market caters to a wide range of sports, from popular team sports like football and rugby to individual pursuits such as boxing, golf, and tennis. Many policies also cover adventure sports, water sports, and extreme sports, ensuring that athletes in all disciplines can find appropriate coverage. This tailored approach means that whether you’re involved in a high-contact sport or an individual endurance sport, there is a policy designed to meet your specific needs.

Things to consider when taking out a policy include:

Sport-Specific Risks: Ensure your policy covers the specific risks associated with your sport. Different sports have different injury profiles, and your policy should reflect the particular hazards you face. • Level of Participation: Coverage may differ for full-time professionals versus part-time athletes. Make sure your policy matches your level of commitment and the corresponding risk. • Additional Cover: Consider supplementing your income protection with life insurance, health insurance, or fracture cover. Comprehensive coverage can provide a safety net for various scenarios. • Self-Employment: If you’re self-employed, look for policies that provide a guaranteed regular pay-out during recovery periods. Self-employed athletes often don’t have the same safety nets as those employed by teams or organizations. • High-Risk Professions: Some policies cover accidents related to dangerous work environments or activities, which can be an added benefit if your sport involves high-risk elements.

Given the high sums assured and unique risks associated with professional sports, mainstream insurance providers may not be able to offer you level of cover required. It’s therefore crucial to work with specialists who understand the intricacies of sports-related risks and can provide tailored solutions.


Regardless of your involvement in sports, whether professional, semi-professional, or amateur, protecting your income and career should be a top priority. With the right protection insurance, you can focus on your performance without worrying about the financial implications of potential injuries or illnesses. By working with The Mortgage Masters and carefully considering your unique needs, you can secure comprehensive coverage that provides both short-term and long-term financial security, allowing you to pursue your sporting career with confidence.

Ensuring that you have the right policies in place can make a significant difference in your peace of mind and your ability to recover and continue your career, no matter what challenges you may face.

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